Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"In With the New" Group 3

IMG 4400

Bug Me (with Teeny Tiny Wishes)

Created by Amy Watson




IMG 4401

Blue Ribbon

Created by Barb Gornick




IMG 4402

Embellished Events

Created by Cami Eastwood




IMG 4403

Quint-Essential Flower (with Teeny Tiny Wishes)

Created by Cindy Ewertz




IMG 4404

Daydream Medallions

Created by Dawn Miller




IMG 4405

Summer Silhouettes

Created by Debbie Laine




IMG 4406

By the Seashore (with Just Believe)

Created by Jackie Beers




IMG 4407

Serene Silhouettes (with Petite Pairs)

Created by Jackie Tucker




IMG 4408

Serene Silhouettes

Created by Susan Perretz




IMG 4409


Created by Jean Bushman




IMG 4411

Papillon Potpourri (with Made for You)

Created by Sarah Naber




IMG 4412

Storybook Friends

Created by Jessi Johnson





IMG 4415

Star Tree (with More Merry Messages)

Created by Jessica Budacki




IMG 4416

Bootiful Occasions

Created by Kathleen Winter




IMG 4417

Words of Courage

Created by Kim Stewart




IMG 4418

No Peeking

Created by Laura Widdison




IMG 4419

Blooming With Kindness

Created by Susan Rodgers





IMG 4420

Postage Due

Created by Tara Angus




IMG 4422

Christmas Blessings

Created by Terri Mills




IMG 4423

Blast Off

Created by Wendi Sands




Swap Angel Card - Heidi had signed up to swap as a fill in, just in case someone didn't show up (which usually happens in most swaps).  I was presently surprised that we had 100% show up for our swap.  Thankfully most of the girls had a few extra cards and were more than happy to swap with Heidi when we are all done.   And would't you be, look at this card!  Thanks again Heidi for stepping up.  :)

IMG 4425

Stylin' Snowfolk (with Teeny Tiny Wishes)

Created by Heidi Andrist

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