Friday, July 27, 2012

"In With The New"" Group 2



IMG 4294

Blue Ribbon

Created by Barb Gornick




IMG 4295

 Happy Hour

Created by Cami Eastwood



IMG 4296

 Embellished Events

Created by Christin Rocha




IMG 4297

 Summer Silhouettes

Created by Deb Laine




IMG 4298

 Cottage Window (with Day of Gratitude)

Created by Diane Horonzy




IMG 4299

 Serene Silhouettes (with Netting, Petite Pairs & French Foliage)

Created by Jackie Tucker




IMG 4300

 Storybook Friends (with Notable Alphabet)

Created by Jessi L. Johnson



IMG 4301

 World Treasures

Created by Julie Finney




IMG 4302

 Road to Happiness

Created by Kate Amberg




IMG 4303

 Moving Forward

Created by Kathleen Winter




IMG 4305

 Pleasant Poppies

Created by Kathy Kartak




IMG 4306

Bootiful Occasions (with Word Play & Every Little Bit)

Created by Kim Carlock 




IMG 4307

Lacy and Lovely

Created by Michelle Sturgeon 




IMG 4308

Sweet Essentials

Created by Sarah Naber




IMG 4309

Papillion Potpouri

Created by Sheila Jamison 




IMG 4310

 Bug Me (with A Fitting Occasion)

Created by Stacey Lisk




IMG 4311

Decorate a Daisy (with Create a Cupcake)

Created by Gail White



IMG 4312

Everything Eleanor (with Create a Cupcake)

Created by Terri Mills




IMG 4313

 Stippled Blossoms

Created by Tina Munzke



IMG 4314

Dress Up

Created by Wendi Sands

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