Monday, July 18, 2011

In With the New Swap–Group One

This was my second year hosting this swap, and once again, these were the best cards I received at convention!  Thank you to everyone that participated, I hope you join me again next year.

The rules of this swap are that the main stamp set of the card must be one that was not ever available before July 1st 2011.  This means that everyone had to expedite their orders and only had a few days to make them, although they had up to a month to plan and prep. 

I think these girls did an AWESOME job!  Let me know what you think.

092Created by Dara Golden using Perfectly Penned.


093Created by Gidget Joyal using Not so Seriously.


094Created by Deanna Einarson using Sweets for the Sweet.


095Created by Kay Marini using Field Flowers.


096Created by Heidi Baks (Thanks for filling in Heidi!) using Up, Up, & Away & Barnyard Buddies.


097Created by Tracy Tarr using Under the Big Top.


098Created by Cindy Goehring using Sunflower.


099Created by Joszette Cunningham using Merry & Type.


100Created by Terri Mills using Jack of All Trades and Spooky Bingo Bits.


101Created by Tara Angus using House & Home.


102Created by Jessi Johnson using Kindness Matters and Four Frames.


103Created by Pauline Cilladi (Thanks for filling in!) using Established Elegance.


104Created by Sarah Naber using Creative Elements.


105Created by Leah Freeman using Bringing Baby.


Please note that I had some people in multiple groups using the same sets, so a few cards may be listed in the wrong groups.

I will be posting Groups 2-4 soon, so keep watching.  Smile


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