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Q: What can I do to keep my punches and scissors working properly?

A: That’s a great question. Because Stampin’ Up! focuses on providing quality products your tools like punches and scissors are things that you’ll have and use for a long time. A little bit of care can help you get the best use and longevity from them.

Stampin’ Up! punches can punch out hundreds and hundreds of shapes for you without any special care. After time you may notice that the edges or part of a shape isn’t punching as cleanly as it did before or that it seems to stick a bit. No worries! To sharpen the punch get some standard kitchen tin foil, any kind will work, but the heavy duty kind is easier to use. Use the punch to punch the tinfoil about 15-20 times. Test the punch on some scrap paper and repeat punching another time if necessary. If your punch seems to stick a bit punch through standard waxed paper 5-10 times to lubricate the punch.

Stampin' Up! Punches


Stampin’ Up! scissors are useful for so many projects and types of materials. You’ll get the best results if you use the scissors for their intended purpose.

• Use the Paper Snips (#103579) for detailed paper cutting.
• Get clean cuts on ribbon, paper, fabric, and card stock with the Craft and Paper Scissors (#108360).
• Use the Craft & Rubber Scissors (#103179) for more heavy duty cutting like twine, rubber, wood sheets, wire, and more.

Here are few tips to keep your scissors in tiptop condition. If any of the scissors get gummed up or dirty clean them with dish soap and dry Paper Snipsthoroughly. The Craft & Rubber scissors can get really gummed up when you use them to trim rubber stamps, clean them with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. If cutting wire with the Craft & Rubber Scissors cut the wire at the back of the blade near the hinge for greater leverage and to keep the tips of the blade sharper. If, after time, you find your scissors have become a bit dull you can cut through tinfoil to sharpen them. If scissors need more sharpening they can usually be sharpened professionally because they are high-quality. Some fabric or kitchen stores have knife/scissor sharpening services or can recommend a reputable company.

With a little care your punches and scissors will be around to help you create projects of all types for a long time! If you have more questions about caring for other Stampin’ Up! products, stamps, or tools, please let me know. One of the many benefits of having a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator is that I have access to lots of great resources, training, and knowledge that so that I can help you and provide you with great service!
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